Sunset Chaser

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Started on a Friday in late October

I did a three-day trip two weeks ago. Explored lots of sun and the breeze of sore in the morning that successfully helped me clear my mind for a while. It has always been a pleasure to travel even to the nearest from home and a little farther from the sickness of the city. Followed by good tracks from local musicians (I am talking about Barasuara’s songs and most importantly, Tulus’s latest album), which brought me to a complete joy knowing that I was finally on the other side of West Java.



So here are some pictures that I found worth-share with you guys! More about beach pictures (+sunsets!) will be coming out later after this post.

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Short Long Story

I don’t know why, but right now I’m not having the energy to write and I’m afraid I couldn’t portray the trip clearly yet I’ll try my best hopefully. About the trip itself; I was beyond excited and extremely happy when my mom said we’ll travel around Pangandaran a few weeks earlier, then I was looking forward and marked the date. I remember woke up at 4 am while we were still in the middle of the road and beside us were all waves+sands+palm trees+beach houses+river which made me so amazed. I could even watch the sun rising among everything stand in the way and can you imagine how beautiful the ray of sunshine was? Yep, there you go.

The first stop was Batu Karas beach, which is located not so far from the Pangandaran beach, approximately around one hour ride. I was literally still sleepy but as you all would do, I still managed to get into water as soon as possible before it starts crowded. Batu Karas is like a foreland in between lands (I believe it called promontory in English vocab?), and it is a good place for surfing (probably the safest for starters). I did not really carry my camera around because I was too busy swimming, another excuse is; everything about me was not on fleek at all lmao. So yea.

Skip ahead, to the seaside of Pangandaran. We settled around 11 am and our hotel was not far from the main beach. Seriously, the only things that separated us from the beach was the road and shops. I got a little tired so I took a quick nap after watching some movies on HBO. I woke up later at 3 pm and forcing myself to take a bath before headed to the beach! I have never visited Pangandaran before (one of the saddest thing in my life). I did strike poses here and there because why not? Shortly after watching the sunset, I got back to the hotel and swam for half an hour, made my way back to my room, had dinner (an amazing seafood dishes) and then fell asleep instantly while watching some runway shows on laptop. The next day, as you can expect it was Sunday, my last day of staying.

We took a boat and headed to Pasir Putih (White Sand) beach. Did snorkeling for around two hours, and that was the last fun stuff I did on the ocean. Right after getting ready to return to Bandung, I bought some merchandises for my close friends and spotted a lot of cute bohemian accessory. Happiest part of the trip, honestly!

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the Not-so-wrong Attire


I don’t think that my outfit will be my main subject on this post, so I think I am going to skip ahead and tell you about what I was wearing real quick. According it was literally around (almost) five pm when I got there—so yes, the weather was quite windy. I was wearing a black swimming suit which layered with my over sized top from New Look, and paired them with my vintage knee-length black jeans. Very casual, though. Still did not forget my go-to backpack which is also from New Look. Must admit that I regret for not bringing any pair of sandals (I actually brought a pair of flats but I am not the kind of girl who loves flat shoes ‘that’ much) so I was wearing my black sneakers all the damn-time.


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Is it okay if I close this post with that creepy pose of mine? I think it is. I am looking forward on whatever good this November. Friendly reminder to myself: Mid tests are on its way, gotta get my finger crossed for the next 4 weeks! Oopsie 😦




Life Updates—I’m not dead yet, people!

The weather out there supported me to be all lazy and reckless inside my house, like right now, I am trying to write a little thoughts that has been going around in my mind everyday from my comfortable couch. And also, although the early September weather is being all breezy and cold and rainy, it doesn’t stop me from drinking (and enjoying) the iced tea I just made; and it took me a moment to stop touching my keyboards and slurping it before the ice melted because that would be a major nightmare.
Firstly, I would like to apologize for my absent (again). I never expected High School could be this stressful to be honest. As a matter of fact, I’m trying not to die of assignments, presentations, quiz, and tests, here and there, this and that, and most importantly to do the best I could. I seriously cannot wait for New Year’s long days off.
As usual, finding authenticity will always be my biggest problem. I have had inner battle with myself for past weeks and I still can’t figure out my choice. Should I leave, or shouldn’t I? I have excuses for each options, both pro and cons. The benefit on each options are even equally valuable. And if I got time to write about this subject, I would literally spent hours to months worth of thinking and wondering, which in this personal case, is not really even important.
I have been experiencing a lot of new stuff. Like: I was joining a German class in my school. but only God and I who know why I did not really like it there so I chose to quit and I feel comfortably better for myself—let me tell you, I actually have the benefit for myself that I have improved my German language, so I can be a good-tourist when I visit German one day;
beforehand, I signed up in my school’s percussion group and joined the lesson twice yet again I felt discontented with my choice, so yea, I’m out;
Next (this one is going to be good), I finally developed my disposable films! I was very excited to get it done but sadly, out of 36 of pictures I have taken with my Fujica analog camera, just a few that successfully printed out (insert multiple sad emojis). But the three of them were not even disappointing at all which I think I am going to share them out of my Instagram later.
I met so many new people in my life, and missing the old ones also. The time I did a quick meet up with Harris and Zara were weeks ago where we were exchanging some books (Zara with her poetries, Harris’ and mine Kinfolks and some other stuff), and I can’t wait to have another hours conversations with them—which always been worth every seconds.
Did I ever tell you about my upcoming project with my dearest friend, Harris? I don’t think if I did. But I will. Soon. Promise.
There are even more countless of things I’m excited about! I might admit that—I have reasons why I am happy with my life these days. Good things are on their way, I wonder what will happen next? Whooopie!




I’ve been loving this kind—clear or pastel, and round eyeglasses since the first time it showed up on my pinterest timeline, and I was immediately searching them through the internet and browser. I have marked a few items and I think I might invent them in my closet soon?


If you are a follower of mine on pinterest, I’d apologize for spamming your timeline with millions of these kind of pictures. I have set my heart to neck accessories since I was not even born yet. And this choker is just… Ah! I already collected some styles, but still could not find any of the ones pictured above.


Being more comfy in neutral shade (I meant black and grey and navy and white and red) than ever! +and probs collecting more cozy sweaters because why not?!

Hope your day is as fine as mine 🙂


Hello again, loves! Here are some mood boards from my tumblr site! I am sorry for faded out because I was trying to enjoy life a lot more! More updates will be on my next post, stay tuuuune! 🙂