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Hello! I am Zahra, an Asian girl with this massive-addiction to art, outer-space-ish stuff, culture, and coffee. I live in Bandung, Indonesia and currently known as a middle school student. I love to discover new place, and also learn new leanguages. I think it’s important to spend my time alone, that’s why painting is my all-time obsession. In fact that I can’t help myself to leave a paper blank without lines and colors. My dream is to meet amazing, creative, passionate people around the world as many as I can; and become one of them.

If you have anything to say, (whether it’s for bussiness, collab, advertise, or just simply say hi to me) you can reach me here.

Let’s be friends!

the blog

After spent years imagining myself in some fairy-tale world, I finally decided to create my own space. This blog represents my spirit in any form of art and my love for fashion. There are countless things I find interesting and beautiful which I want to share with the world.

This self-titled blog is containing about 50% fashion post, otherwise I will also like to write about my personal stuff and any other obsession.