Hello again! First of all, here are some inspos on the go from around the world-wide-websites that I found earlier:

inspoboardI’ve been in my free time for weeks now, after graduating from middle school (yeay!) and done this and that I am finally be able to open this blog again.

Let me tell you, I went to my class farewell ocassion 2 weeks ago; forgot to bring my camera; couldn’t snap with my phone, so yes, I didn’t have any good pictures except the ones from my friend’s camera. But, I don’t think if i’m going to share it all with you guys today.

I have nothing to do these days, I can tell that I am not productive at all. A few things I’d do are like; reading some good articles on the web, continue to read a book I’ve been trying to finish for so long, discover bunch of good musics — it’s on my soundcloud and i will also share my top ‘what to hear’ list here late (from Milo Greene to Ariana Grande’s latest album), browsing lots of recipes and get hungry all day-everyday, and mostly sleeping till I’m about to die. I can stay up all night and then I’ll wake up the next day at about 2 pm, literally. Good, Zahra.

But. The ‘not even good lifestyle’ Zahra is officialy over because now I am planning some things to do for my boring days ahead. I really will enjoy life a lot more!



Twelve Two

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I’m sorry I didn’t post these on Sunday. I’ve been in such an annoyingly bad mood all day yesterday. So I didn’t feel like to do anything, I’m such a terrible blogger to be honest. I’m so sorry loves! 🙂 And, I really want to share a few of my favorite things (especially my current music playlist!) on my next post. Stay tuuune!!


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I’m back with some of new ideas. Every Sunday, I will be sharing random pictures. Whether it’s from my journal page or just any other things I have spotted. It will be cool!

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That’s all for now. Oh, and how is your day so far? 😉


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Everything that comes up to my mind, I put them on my journal. I’ve been doing this since the seventh grade and collected 3 sketch book.


I mean, if anything anytime good and inspiring comes to my head I never want to lose it. It’s one of my bad habits to draw even only one line on a blank paper. Even my school stuff! I just can’t help it! Hahaha.