Quick Adventure O’clock


Just another photo collection from my latest trip to my mother’s hometown. This is one, out of so many things my mom & dad did to cheer me up.


The first ever place me and my family went to visit was Linggarjati. It is located in Kuningan, West Java. The enviroment was super fine with absolute fresh mountain oxygen. We only have to pay around IDR 3.0 [for adult] and IDR 2.0 [for children].





Okay. We did a little culinary session. So my family thought it would be nice to discover a few traditional place to eat.


So, that was me and my family. Can’t wait to finally do something-anything fun with my besties soon!





Oh hey, it’s just me messing around while cleaning some paint brushes.


I’m sorry for being insanely silly. That is how I entertain myself with my phone camera. But I really did have fun with myself when I was shaking those wet paint brushes and literally messing around. It seems important to me for being easily amused by any kind of little things around. That is another stuff I can do to make me appreciate life a bit more.

Why Can’t I Choose?


Back at it again to my daily schedule where school is waiting and I get to move my ass to the new place where people are trying to show the good sides of themselves.

And here I am, chillin’ to some good tracks by Billie Marten. It really is a long time since my last post here on the blog. I must say that life has been a pretty great lesson for me these days. Learning about why and when were quite a mission for me after struggling with a lot of tears and throwing stuffs away. But I think— maybe (just maybe) write a few speculations might help me to move on?

It came to the point where I couldn’t even do the things that make me happy. I didn’t know if I still the same person or not. I didn’t even do too much talking like I used to and not laugh as much as usual.

It’s been stopping me from doing the stuff I enjoy, including instagram and any other forms of social media. Reading million of inspirational quotes were not really helped me at all, because of the fact that society had been disappointing me again and again.


Why am I writing such an inarticulate statements up there? well…

First, I failed to get into my ‘most wanted’ high school because some people tried to cut me off of it and they did. I can state; that I feel very disadvantaged. I felt extremely disapointed with myself of course, even though I shouldn’t be. I couldn’t accept it and it brought me through hard times, I’m sorry.

Like I said, the society keeps testing me. Here, people keep disappoint me with the way they behave every-damn-day and I’m sick of it. I think it is only the chapter where I am becoming more mature and taking a few steps of being a 15 years old teenager.

They keep playing the lottery game of life. Still, everyone wants to win. Including me. The difference is that, the only thing they gotta do to make the probability of losing the game become smaller is to cheat. Dear kid, the probability of you going to hell is also become so much bigger, just sayin’.

Afterward, I don’t get why— people think it is cool and full of pride and glory to win something unfairly. Because what they did back there, is a pretty cut-throat  thing to do.


Why can’t I choose to have my own life? Like, live alone at some loft apartment in downtown of New York City and have an important job as a creative director in some fashion houses,

…or live with some of my favorite people in a pastel house in England, or maybe live by the beach somewhere in California. Even more exciting, to have a well-balanced life and live in Scandinavian space.

Maybe just not to surrounded by close-minded people who always try to find the wrong way to escape. Doesn’t it will make life a lot more easier? I believe. In the other hand, I believe if I ever had that kind of life, I would die with completely nothing to be proud for. I need my ups and downs. After so many time of exchanged thoughts with my dad, mom, and also my fellow friends; I knew I have chosen so many options and preferences. I picked to get a life, and God knows how long it will take for me to gain my reward. I want to share my experience in life. That’s why I made this site; even though there is still uncountable things I need to learn about it all. And I thank you all (or whoever) that have been keeping up with me and all the shit that still happens in my life, also my friends for being very supportive. I’m grateful for everything 🙂



Hello again! First of all, here are some inspos on the go from around the world-wide-websites that I found earlier:

inspoboardI’ve been in my free time for weeks now, after graduating from middle school (yeay!) and done this and that I am finally be able to open this blog again.

Let me tell you, I went to my class farewell ocassion 2 weeks ago; forgot to bring my camera; couldn’t snap with my phone, so yes, I didn’t have any good pictures except the ones from my friend’s camera. But, I don’t think if i’m going to share it all with you guys today.

I have nothing to do these days, I can tell that I am not productive at all. A few things I’d do are like; reading some good articles on the web, continue to read a book I’ve been trying to finish for so long, discover bunch of good musics — it’s on my soundcloud and i will also share my top ‘what to hear’ list here late (from Milo Greene to Ariana Grande’s latest album), browsing lots of recipes and get hungry all day-everyday, and mostly sleeping till I’m about to die. I can stay up all night and then I’ll wake up the next day at about 2 pm, literally. Good, Zahra.

But. The ‘not even good lifestyle’ Zahra is officialy over because now I am planning some things to do for my boring days ahead. I really will enjoy life a lot more!